It's time to take care of you. 

Because there are no awards for being a superwoman.

omgee. I need this.

You spent years becoming a dentist. 

You're meticulous in your patient care.

You're great at taking care of everyone else and yet prioritizing your own needs has become such a struggle.

You deserve to take care of yourself, too. 

Has clinical practice left you drained and depleted? Are you up late thinking about cases or ridden with anxiety about finding an associate or office manager? Do you feel stuck but don't know how you could possibly make a change? Are you wondering if there's more to life than this?

You might be burnt out.

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Have you been running around ragged, barely getting 5 minutes at the end of the evening for yourself?

I've been there.

Let's put an end to the "superwoman phenomenon" keeping us on a hamster wheel. 


You might be a closet perfectionist - on the outside making it look easy, but on the inside you're falling apart at the seems

You care what people think, perhaps to a fault

You're finding it hard to say NO when people ask things of you

You feel guilty/ashamed that you're not totally fulfilled with your life, being that on paper it looks pretty great

Maybe your health has taken a toll (including your weight)

Help Me End This Struggle!

In one call, we'll uncover the roadblocks preventing you from having control over your life and create a customized path to life on your own terms.

How would you like to become resilient to the chaos of life such as...

When your assistant calls out sick and your schedule is packed

At the end of one of "those days" in the office when you come home stressed and exhausted, and all you want is to bury your face in something yummy

When you get a negative online review

When you feel farther and farther away from your personal goals because you have zero time for yourself

I want to feel in control of my life and have time for myself!
A quick call is the first step in finding the peace, balance, and clarity you've been seeking!

Not finding a time that works for you? Please submit a request for day or time and be sure to include your time zone!

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I'm looking forward to getting acquainted! 

xo - Dr. Natanya


I'm Dr. Natanya,

a board certified endodontist, certified life coach, and mom of two boys. 

Somewhere in the process of finishing endodontic training, managing a busy practice, keeping staff happy, and birthing my two sons, I found it harder and harder to find the time to take care of myself. I was taking care of everyone else, and entirely neglecting my own needs.

It was a vicious cycle that didn’t have an end. There were days that I would crank through cases without having a moment to go to the bathroom, much less eat a proper meal. 

The physical consequences were starting to pile up, poor sleep, TMJ issues, becoming reactive with my loved ones, and difficulty losing the pregnancy weight after baby #2.

 I felt stuck and frustrated. And even worse, I felt ashamed to speak up as it seemed to be a badge of honor to basically become a martyr in the process of becoming a great wife, mom, and dentist. 

But I knew this "superwoman" act wasn't sustainable and something had to change. 

I learned how to process stress from the work day more productively and start prioritizing my own needs.

If I was able to find peace and balance amongst the chaos of life, you can too.


Life's too short to keep on wishing you could make a change, without ever taking one baby step. Scheduling a consultation is the first step!
Yes, I Want To Make A Change!