Weight Loss for Dentists

Natanya Brown DMD

Permanent weight loss without restrictive diets, willpower, or intense exercise!

Weight Loss for Dentists

Permanent weight loss without restrictive diets, willpower, or intense exercise!

Yes Please!

You spent years becoming a dentist. 

You're meticulous in your patient care.

You're great at taking care of everyone else and yet prioritizing your own needs has become such a struggle.

You deserve to take care of yourself too. 

After my second pregnancy, I tried all the diets and exercise routines but felt stuck and frustrated when I didn't see results.

I learned how to lose weight permanently, without resorting to crazy diets and deprivation.

I can show you how.

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I can help you stop dieting and actually lose weight, in a way that works with your lifestyle.

You want to lose weight permanently, but need to get out of the hamster wheel of self-sabotage. 


You’re busy and don't have tons of time to devote to losing weight or exercising

You’ve tried different diets in the past, but still struggle with keeping the weight off

You wish you could just get consistent with healthy habits

You want freedom around food once and for all

You want to lose weight without following a rigid cookie-cutter plan

I Want To End The Struggle!

In 30 min - we'll uncover the roadblocks and create a customized path to permanent weight loss. 

How it would feel to be fully in control around food... 

When your assistant calls out sick and your schedule is packed

At the end of one of "those days" in the office when you come home stressed and exhausted

On your garden variety Tuesday when the periodontist happens to send over donuts

On weekends, vacations, and holidays

That's what I want! Let's do this!
A quick call is the first step in ending the struggle once and for all!

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I'm looking forward to getting acquainted! 

xo - Dr. Natanya


I'm Dr. Natanya,

a board certified endodontist and mom of two boys. 

Somewhere in the process of finishing my training, managing my practice, keeping my staff and referring doctors happy, and birthing two sons, I found it harder and harder to find the time to take care of myself. I was taking care of everyone else, and neglecting my own needs.

Food was the comfort I looked forward to at the end of a stressful day - which wasn't doing my waistline any favors.

So I tried cutting out carbs, going vegan and even gluten free. But that didn't work.

I constantly felt the to exercise more and more intensely; I trained for a marathon, did P90X workouts and spinning classes. It was a vicious cycle that didn’t have an end. 

I felt stuck and frustrated. 

It wasn’t until I worked with a weight coach that things changed. The mind drama I had around food stopped. I learned how to make great decisions to keep myself focused and motivated toward my goal without second-guessing myself. Most of all, I learned how to end the cycle with self-sabotage. I became fully in control around food and the weight finally came off.